Aircraft Update, New Units and AFV Assaults


Today I’ve been working on a small update to all the aircraft in the game. The following things have changed with aircraft and should be live now.

  • Aircraft now have have speed keywords (Slow, Fast etc.). This should increase the diversity of the aircraft in the game significantly and set them apart a bit more.
  • Aircraft may now be dealt suppression by targets without the Anti-Air keyword. This is to allow some counterplay for players who do not have a large amount of AA in their force. They still cannot be damaged by weapons without AA, but something can be done.

New Units

Additionally, there are some new units available. The following have been added.

  • British and Polish Late War Motor Infantry – A smaller infantry section set up to accompany armored formations. Great for saving some points to put into heavier tanks

Armored Vehicle Assaults

Armored vehicle interactions with assaults have been updated so that they may now assault infantry and other armored units (use with caution). Note that armored vehicles must cross infantry units and may end up getting assault back and destroyed by anti-tank grenades so use sparingly.


Currently I’m working on adding some more mobile infantry options such as bike mounted light infantry. This will be an upgrade to some infantry units allowing them to move more quickly on the battlefield. Additionally, I’m looking into adding HEAT and APCR options to certain weapons to allow them to ignore penetration penalties at range. At the very least, hand-held AT weapons will be getting these bonuses to increase their viability.

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