Shaped Charges, Canadian Forces, Bicycle Troops and More

Canadian Forces

The Canadian Forces list has been uploaded and should be ready to test out. The following are some things I find interesting about the list.

  • Mainly equipped by the British with some American vehicles available
  • Their special rules are more focused on assault and navigating rough ground and this will show when compared to regular British forces
  • Unique Ram II tank with additional hull mounted MG
  • Assault Section- a small 6 man infantry squad able to be equipped with SMGs and a flamethrower

Shaped Charges

I’ve just finished updating all hand-held AT weapons that had HEAT rounds to now have this special rule and costs have been adjusted. This should set the different AT weapon options apart a bit more in cost and utility.


Most, if not all, lend-lease options have been added to each force. The Germans still need some French captured panzer options, but for the most part, all forces that lend-leased equipment should have it available in their list options.

New Units and Equipment

  • Bicycle troops are available for some nations. Appropriate units can now upgrade with bicycles to quickly get into position on the field. While it is no replacement for a good motorized vehicle, it is a much cheaper option.
  • Panzer ace is now available to some German tanks as an upgrade. This gives the tank +1 to hit if it does not move and should allow it to take on other armored vehicles with extra ferocity.

General Balance

  • The low-profile keyword now applies outside of 20″ instead of at long range. This should allow it to be useful in more situations.
  • Most small teams (2 men or less) had the option to upgrade with Stealth. This is now bundled into the unit and is renamed to Small. The Stealth keyword may return in another form, but it most cases you will want Small on those units in any case. This also allows us to apply this to Small vehicles as needed as well


  • Currently I am doing the research for the Hungarian Forces list. It’s shaping up but no release date at the moment.
  • Off-table support units are something I’m investigating. These can be off-table medical support posts which could allow some of your units to return to the field at Deploy Points or Naval batteries which would be strong artillery only available as off-map artillery support

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