Hungarian Forces, New Units and Battlefield Conditions

Hungarian Forces

The Hungarian Forces are finally complete and available now. Let me know if I have missed any units or if anything is off as this is the first release and I have not personally played them yet. Some things I find particularly interesting about the list.

  • Good morale with the ability to upgrade most units with Stubborn
  • Excellent German air support with many useful aircraft
  • Huszar Tactics allowing many vehicles including transports to infiltrate at the table edge and aggressively outflank

New Units

The following units have been added to the game in this new update and are currently live.

  • Canadian Otter Recon Car – A light recon car with some fire support options
  • Canadian Fox Armored Car – A vehicle similar to the Humber armored car with the option to upgrade with a light autocannon
  • Canadian Ram Badger – An improvised flame vehicle that can be upgraded to have a turreted flamethrower in the later variant

Battlefield Conditions

I’ve gotten around to adding some fun things to spice up scenarios. They are mix and match-able and each add an interesting twist to the game. Here are some examples.

  • Extreme Temperatures – Units not safely inside shelter suffer some penalties
  • Night Fighting – Lights and other night conditions can affect whether units are seen and is sure to introduce many deadly close quarters firefights
  • Sworn Enemies – Both forces are eager to fight and receive some bonuses to do so.


Right now I’m looking into which off-table support options make sense now that I’ve added the keyword in the core rules. And always, I’ll be looking into missing units and additional forces as I have time. I’m also investigating adding Quality 7 options for some highly elite units such as Commandos or other specially trained units.

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