Wargame Engine and More

Hey folks. It’s been a while since there’s been an update. I’ve been super hard at work on a new game called Wargame Engine. It’s a refinement of platoons with the ability to play even more settings and a fancy app for managing the army lists.

It’s also totally open and army files can be added to directly by the community.

You can check it out and try it here: Wargame Engine

Expect more to come regarding the system as I put it together.

Small Rules Updates

Balance Changes

  • Armored damage table Fire effect changed – now requires a morale test and if failed, the unit is destroyed. This should prevent low quality armored units from being too durable and soaking shots
  • Suggested Terrain rules for craters/ditches added
  • Weapon arcs/line of sight are now measured from the weapon’s mount rather than the hull (no 360 noscoping around corners)
  • US infantry now pay 5pts for their BARs. I am now accounting better for the cost of already paying for semi-auto rifles.
  • Aircraft now turn and fall back when routed.


I am still looking into what off-table support units make sense as well as how I want to handle Q7 elite troops.

Hungarian Forces, New Units and Battlefield Conditions

Hungarian Forces

The Hungarian Forces are finally complete and available now. Let me know if I have missed any units or if anything is off as this is the first release and I have not personally played them yet. Some things I find particularly interesting about the list.

  • Good morale with the ability to upgrade most units with Stubborn
  • Excellent German air support with many useful aircraft
  • Huszar Tactics allowing many vehicles including transports to infiltrate at the table edge and aggressively outflank

New Units

The following units have been added to the game in this new update and are currently live.

  • Canadian Otter Recon Car – A light recon car with some fire support options
  • Canadian Fox Armored Car – A vehicle similar to the Humber armored car with the option to upgrade with a light autocannon
  • Canadian Ram Badger – An improvised flame vehicle that can be upgraded to have a turreted flamethrower in the later variant

Battlefield Conditions

I’ve gotten around to adding some fun things to spice up scenarios. They are mix and match-able and each add an interesting twist to the game. Here are some examples.

  • Extreme Temperatures – Units not safely inside shelter suffer some penalties
  • Night Fighting – Lights and other night conditions can affect whether units are seen and is sure to introduce many deadly close quarters firefights
  • Sworn Enemies – Both forces are eager to fight and receive some bonuses to do so.


Right now I’m looking into which off-table support options make sense now that I’ve added the keyword in the core rules. And always, I’ll be looking into missing units and additional forces as I have time. I’m also investigating adding Quality 7 options for some highly elite units such as Commandos or other specially trained units.

Shaped Charges, Canadian Forces, Bicycle Troops and More

Canadian Forces

The Canadian Forces list has been uploaded and should be ready to test out. The following are some things I find interesting about the list.

  • Mainly equipped by the British with some American vehicles available
  • Their special rules are more focused on assault and navigating rough ground and this will show when compared to regular British forces
  • Unique Ram II tank with additional hull mounted MG
  • Assault Section- a small 6 man infantry squad able to be equipped with SMGs and a flamethrower

Shaped Charges

I’ve just finished updating all hand-held AT weapons that had HEAT rounds to now have this special rule and costs have been adjusted. This should set the different AT weapon options apart a bit more in cost and utility.


Most, if not all, lend-lease options have been added to each force. The Germans still need some French captured panzer options, but for the most part, all forces that lend-leased equipment should have it available in their list options.

New Units and Equipment

  • Bicycle troops are available for some nations. Appropriate units can now upgrade with bicycles to quickly get into position on the field. While it is no replacement for a good motorized vehicle, it is a much cheaper option.
  • Panzer ace is now available to some German tanks as an upgrade. This gives the tank +1 to hit if it does not move and should allow it to take on other armored vehicles with extra ferocity.

General Balance

  • The low-profile keyword now applies outside of 20″ instead of at long range. This should allow it to be useful in more situations.
  • Most small teams (2 men or less) had the option to upgrade with Stealth. This is now bundled into the unit and is renamed to Small. The Stealth keyword may return in another form, but it most cases you will want Small on those units in any case. This also allows us to apply this to Small vehicles as needed as well


  • Currently I am doing the research for the Hungarian Forces list. It’s shaping up but no release date at the moment.
  • Off-table support units are something I’m investigating. These can be off-table medical support posts which could allow some of your units to return to the field at Deploy Points or Naval batteries which would be strong artillery only available as off-map artillery support

Aircraft Update, New Units and AFV Assaults


Today I’ve been working on a small update to all the aircraft in the game. The following things have changed with aircraft and should be live now.

  • Aircraft now have have speed keywords (Slow, Fast etc.). This should increase the diversity of the aircraft in the game significantly and set them apart a bit more.
  • Aircraft may now be dealt suppression by targets without the Anti-Air keyword. This is to allow some counterplay for players who do not have a large amount of AA in their force. They still cannot be damaged by weapons without AA, but something can be done.

New Units

Additionally, there are some new units available. The following have been added.

  • British and Polish Late War Motor Infantry – A smaller infantry section set up to accompany armored formations. Great for saving some points to put into heavier tanks

Armored Vehicle Assaults

Armored vehicle interactions with assaults have been updated so that they may now assault infantry and other armored units (use with caution). Note that armored vehicles must cross infantry units and may end up getting assault back and destroyed by anti-tank grenades so use sparingly.


Currently I’m working on adding some more mobile infantry options such as bike mounted light infantry. This will be an upgrade to some infantry units allowing them to move more quickly on the battlefield. Additionally, I’m looking into adding HEAT and APCR options to certain weapons to allow them to ignore penetration penalties at range. At the very least, hand-held AT weapons will be getting these bonuses to increase their viability.

Play-testing Launch

We are Live!

The site is now live for playtesters and those interested in getting early access to the full rules and other content we’re creating. Feel free to share out this site to other folks interesting in getting a first look at Platoons, our first game.

What Does This Mean?

While the game is up and available to play, be aware that rules and points are still a work in progress and subject to change. If you find any oddities, or you have any concerns, feel free to drop by the Forums or Discord to let us know.